Owning Our Views

This workshop will help participants understand the importance of their personal and professional brand.


Maryanne Ravenel
Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Blue Shield Blue Cross Massachusetts

Maryanne Ravenel graduated in 2010 with a BA in Communications, Psychology and Marketing from Baruch College in NYC. After that, she graduated in 2013 with a MA in Corporate Communication from Baruch College. In 2016, Maryanne received a Diversity and Inclusion Professionals Certificate from Cornell University ILR School. She currently serves as the primary adviser to the Vice-President of Talent Acquisition and provides strategic advice and counsel to senior management on diversity related issues. Before this position, she was the Global Diversity and Inclusion Associate and Global Diversity and Inclusion Specialist from 2015- 2017. Maryanne also worked as the Communications Coordinator and Community Investment Specialist at Time Warner Cable. 

In 2012, Maryanne started this grassroots project. Black Business Employee Network (BBEN) is focused on building an inclusive, supportive community through a company's African American employee base. Started with Time Warner Cable, since 2012 network has grown and partnered with Viacom, NBCU, AMEX and The New York Times.